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American-Made, Military-Grade

Marine Speaker Covers are made in Newport News, Virginia with UV-rated silicone and a protective coating used by the US Military. Patented ribbing on backside allows moisture to escape if present.

Flex-Fit Or We'll Fix It

Our design will fit most boat speaker brands, including JL Audio, WetSounds, Clarion, Fusion, Kenwood, Kicker, Infinity, Sony, MB Quart, JBL and many more. Contact us with any questions on fit, and rest easy with our flexible returns and replacements.

From Our Customers

"They were everything I wanted and more!"

Ryan O.

"I ordered 4 of these on a Monday and received them Thursday. I keep my boat at a slip and I hated having a cover for everything else except my speakers!"

"Keeps them perfectly dry when washing/cleaning"

Christopher S.

"Great quality and perfect fit for my 6.5" speakers. Now I just need them for my 8" speakers. Great covers for a boat! Highly recommended!"

"Living in Texas, I just had to have these!"

Brennan N.

"They fit my Wet Sounds speakers absolutely perfect. Now I wont have to worry about the sun eating my speakers like it did my old ones."

"Great product. I would buy them again"

Bob H.

"My biggest concern is cleaning the boat. I fish a lot & the boat is cleaned after every trip. I did not want to inadvertently want to hit the speakers with the hose during cleaning. The covers are perfect!!"

"Great durability and works as advertised"

Erika M.

"Perfect fit and it’s been over a year since I bought them and they are still as good as the first day. Love and highly recommend this product. Customer service was also on point."

"They fit perfect and look fantastic!!"

Josh J.

"Spoke to Brian the day I ordered them. He was great on the phone - had them in 3 days. He even followed up with a message asking how I liked them. Great product & customer service Thank you MSC!"

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