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Buying a Fishing Boat? Know Your Options.

Buying a Fishing Boat? Know Your Options.

For some of us, the desire to spend our days fishing is a primary driver behind the decision to purchase a boat. After all, are there any happier memories than those spent casting lines when we were younger?

If you’re in the market for a solid fishing boat—one that’ll really suit your needs—we’re here for you.


Before you shop, determine...

  • Your portability requirements: Are you traveling to destination shorelines to fish different areas? You’ll want a boat that’s easy to haul around and maneuver (and don’t forget the trailer)!
  • Your fishing party: Are you a solo angler, or is fishing a full-family tradition? Think about how many people you’ll normally have on your boat—roominess is key with gear aboard.
  • Your unique needs: Will you need a flat-hulled boat for shallow-water fishing, a sleek bay boat for inshore fishing, or a classic and comfortable center console craft?


Find your fishing boat

Dual Consoles

Dual Consoles are good multi-purpose machines for casual anglers and cruisers. They're customizable and broadly available in a wide variety of trim levels.


• Ample seating

• Modified cabins with protection from elements

• Handy trim additions (fishboxes, rodholders, etc) well-suited for fishing

Boats to consider: • Grady-White Freedom 375 • Scout Dorado 275 • Boston Whaler Vantage 280

Center Consoles

Center Consoler are powerful crafts for serious anglers and a small fishing party. Tney're competent and reliable in rough waters, and suited for inshore and offshore boating.


• 360-degree fishing from every side of the deck

• Comfortable seating

• Partial-cover cabins for element protection + fresh air

Boats to consider: • Robalo R230 • Scout 175 Sportfish • Everglades 230 (CC)


Walkarounds are ideal for larger fishing parties or family fishing fun. There's more room for gear, more comfortable finishes, and more protection from the elements.


• Built-in storage for bait, rods and tackle

• Seating for party

• Good fuel capacity for fishing trips

Boats to consider: • Grady-White Seafarer 228 • Scout 355 LXF • Striper 230

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